Depression From an African Perspective! Pt. 1 - Funmi Walboomers

Depression though largely a clinical issue, can be helped on an environmental or social level.

I mean that although there are many factors involved when someone is depressed, individuals can help each other not to get to the clinical level of depression at which stage, medical intervention plays a major role.

As Africans, we had a communal way of life and I used the word HAD because civilization has gotten a great hold on us and we all mostly live an individualist life although we try to hold on to our communal ways.

This, in my opinion, poses a threat. In the communal way of life, the next door neighbour or your family and friend will not just ask ‘how are you doing’? That is too vague and very impersonal, instead, they will ask ‘how did that doctor’s appointment go, or did you get the loan you applied for etc.

This is because they are very much involved with one another and thus ask specific questions to show genuine interest in each other’s welfare.

Thus, I will sum this point up by saying it is very difficult but not impossible to live an individualist life and then try to be communal in our relationships.

Next time I will share practical ways to live communally in an individualist world.
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