Loophole means the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could become King and Queen of Canada

Over the last few days, various Canadian newspapers have been reporting of a loophole in the law that could allow Meghan Markle and Prince Harry (Duke and Duchess of Sussex) to become the King and Queen of Canada.

According to Canadian law, the Canadian constitution says the North American nation needs to be a monarchy, but it does not specify who the monarch must be. Therefore, theoretically, the Canadians, when they wish, can swap out Queen Elizabeth II, or a future King Charles, with any royal they might wish.

The discovery of this particular loophole in Canadian law was discovered first by professor Philippe Lagasse back in 2017.

He then stated: "According to the federal government’s interpretation of royal succession in Canada, we could arguably make Harry the King of Canada with a simple parliamentary statute."

The Canadian newspapers National Post suggests, therefore, that Canada should establish its own monarchy with the new Duke of Sussex and his American Duchess as monarch and consort of Canada.

Canada had an earlier law that said that the Canadian monarch had to be a descendant of Queen Victoria, or even that the ruler of Canada has to be the same person as the monarch of the U.K. This law was removed back in 1893.

According to the National Post, Harry and Meghan could become King and Queen possibly in less than a month if the Canadian Parliament so wishes.

If Canada became an independent monarchy, Rideau Hall (below) would become Canada’s royal palace.
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