Murderer is caught on CCTV buying drinks with his girlfriend's money minutes after he stabbed her 26 times and left her to die in pool of her own blood

A killer was caught on CCTV buying a round of drinks with his victim's money just minutes after brutally stabbing her 26 times.

John Lewis, 55, stabbed his girlfriend Terrie-Ann Jones, 33, multiple times then left her to die at her home in Cimla, Neath, in South Wales. He then went to the pub to have a good time. 
Video footage showed the killer laughing in his local pub after launching the horrific attack. Lewis was also seen buying a round of drinks as he joked with others in the pub.
A court heard Lewis handed himself in to police later that night - telling them: "I've killed somebody."

Terrie-Ann, originally from Bristol, had 13 stab wounds to her neck, three to her collarbone and two to her chest.

Lewis was given a life sentence after he was found guilty of murdering Ms Jones at Swansea Crown Court. 

After the verdict, Ms Jones's family said:

He is a dangerous, calculating predator who from day one preyed on our Tan's caring nature. 

She was patient, kind, had a fantastic sense of humour and was quite literally the life and soul of the party. 

Everyone that knew her loved her and we cannot tell you how much we are missing her. She had so much to live for and so many things she wanted to do.

She has been taken from us far too early. Her passing has forever changed the lives of her daughter and little boy, who at nine years old doesn't understand why his mummy isn't here to play with him anymore.

If what happened to Tan can help to prevent further deaths or violence then our Tan's death won't have been in vain.

This has been an incredibly difficult process for us. John Paul Lewis has made us relive the horror of what he did to our Tan every day of the trial.

We are thankful that he will no longer be able to hurt any other person. He has been found guilty of the murder of our Tan and will hopefully spend the rest of his life in prison, which we feel is nothing short of what he deserves.

Watch the video below.
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