'Sit down, you're very rude, you're fake news!' President Trump's extraordinary confrontation with CNN reporter

Donald Trump hailed 'a historic day' for Republicans in the American mid-term elections and became embroiled in an extraordinary confrontation with a CNN reporter at his press conference today.

Democrats won back control of the House of Representatives, and are projected to win 238 seats to the Republicans 197 seats - with Republicans projected to retain control of the Senate and increase their majority to 54 seats.

At the press conference President Trump took credit for victory, then when taking questions from the media, got into a furious row with CNN reporter Jim Acosta who challenged his characterisation of migrants heading for the US border in a 'caravan' from Central America as 'an invasion.'

President Trump denied using a migrant caravan making its way to the US border through Mexico to whip up fear ahead of Tuesday's election to win votes, and then went on to admonish Acosta
A White House aide takes the microphone from Jim Acosta as he attempts to ask a further question to President Trump. The reporter managed to ask a further question about Russia that President Trump rebutted saying the investigation was a 'hoax'
A clearly riled President Trump then said:  ‘Why don’t you let me run the country you run CNN and if you did it well your ratings would improve.'

Acosta attempted to ask a further question that was denied to him before him and a White House Aide then got into a strange fight over the microphone.

The reporter attempted to ask a question about whether President Trump was 'concerned about the investigation into Russia', with a quick riposte coming from Trump who said the investigation was a 'hoax.'

The President added: 'CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them. You are a very rude ..terrible person.. the way you treat Sarah Huckabee is...'

The room went temporarily silent before another question from a reporter was taken who defended Acosta describing him as 'diligent'.

President Trump shot back at the reporter he 'wasn't a big fan of his either' to laughter from the room, before Acosta stood up again and started talking to the President.

Trump said 'just sit down please' and then accused Acosta of reporting 'fake news' and branded him 'an enemy of the people.'
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