Jealous man who killed pregnant stepdaughter to get back at his wife, arrested after failed attempt to commit suicide (photos)

A 57-year-old motorcycle taxi driver, who allegedly fatally battered his seven-month-pregnant stepdaughter to death at her Bangkok home on April 11, said he was in remorse over his action and wanted the court to give him the death sentence.

Phumjai Leungthong, who allegedly tried to commit suicide on April 13 in a wooded area near the Bus Route 122 garage in Bang Kapi district by taking poison, was rescued in time.
He reportedly told police he killed the 29-year-old Nanchaya Chanthamokha, whom his wife loved the most, out of anger and jealousy when his wife abandoned him and went to Amnat Charoen province.

“I feel remorse for what I did. I was so angry because I love her mother so much and I forgot that the stepdaughter was pregnant. I believe nothing I say would change the minds of the victim’s relatives so I want to apologise for what I did. I want the court to give me a death sentence. If one life can trade two lives, I will accept that,” he said.

Following his arrest, Phumjai reportedly confessed that he had fatally hit the young woman on the head and the torso with a hammer until the hammer head dislodged.
Phumjai was charged with murder by using torture or acts of cruelty under the Criminal Code’s Section 289, which is punishable with a death penalty.

Phumjai did a “wai” in apology to the deceased victim’s husband, Thanawat Kaewkhamsorn, 29, who was among the crowd at the police station.

“Why did you kill her?”, he shouted and tried to punch Phumjai through the cell bars.
After the crowd dispersed, police took Phumjai out of the detention cell to perform the crime simulation at 1.30pm behind closed doors after which the suspect told reporters about his wish to get the death sentence.

Phumjai, who is on a close watch for suicide, will be brought to the Min Buri Court on April 15 to apply for the first 12-day detention period.

Sing said police had clinching evidence against the alleged murder suspect – with or without the man’s confession – to prosecute him so the victim’s relatives should rest assure that justice would be done.
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