Watch video as another survivor of Orlando mass shooting Angel Colon speaks: “Killer aimed for my head to make sure I was dead"

Angel Colon, who survived the mass shooting at Orlando's Pulse nightclub, said the gunman shot him several times in the leg, then twice while he was on the ground.

"He's shooting everyone that's already dead on the floor, making sure. ... I'm just there, laying down, I'm thinking, I'm next, I'm dead. ... He shoots toward my head but hits my hand. Then he shoots me again and it hits the side of my hip," Colon said Tuesday describing his experience to reporters at an emotional press conference. Watch video after the cut...
Watch video below.
During a press conference at Orlando Regional Medical Center in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday, June 14, shooting survivor Angel Colon shared his story. He was shot three times when Omar Mateen, 29, stormed gay nightclub Pulse with an assault rifle, and somehow managed to survive the terrifying ordeal.

Although he didn’t want to speak at first, Angel Colon knew that he had to share his harrowing story of survival with the world. Sitting in a wheelchair besides all of the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff that helped save his life after he was shot multiple times inside Pulse nightclub on Sunday, June 13, Angel detailed how the massacre went down from his point of view.

Angel’s first memories of the night were “great,” as he remembers having an amazing and drama-free night out with his friends. He recalled sharing lots of laughter with his friends throughout the night, before things took a deadly turn once shooter Omar Mateen arrived.

When Omar first opened fire on the club patrons, Angel says he was shot in the leg tree times. As everyone started running for safety he was “trampled” over. “I tried to get back up, everyone started running everywhere, and I was trampled over. I shattered and broke bones in my left leg. I couldn’t walk at all, all I could do is lay there as people ran over me,” he explained.

Angel’s heartbreaking story continues, as he recalls the shooter going into another room inside the club which gave a chance for many people to hide or escape. However, when Omar returned Angel remembers watching the shooter fire at bodies on the floor just to make sure that they were really dead.

“I thought, I’m next. I’m dead,” Angel told the room full of press inside the hospital, obviously shaky as details from the horrific night flashed through his mind. “I don’t know how, by the grace of God, I survived. He shots towards my head, and missed. He hit my hand and the side of my hip. I was prepared to just sit there, so he didn’t know I was alive,” Angel explained. He also shared that he still can’t walk, two days after the shooting took place.

It’s unclear where Omar went after that, but at some point Angel remembers a still unidentified hero dragged him out of the building and across the street to save his life. Angel said that he could feel his body rolling over the glass and blood, both his own and other peoples, as he was being dragged out. But, the person who pulled him out definitely saved his life, especially if Omar was still alive and lurking inside the club when this occurred.
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