Parents in Peru murder their child and livestream it

There is a horrific video trending online that shows a mother stomping on a child and hitting the baby against the wall. The child eventually died and the parents have been charged with murdering their baby.

The video is reportedly from the Latin American speaking part of Peru and was filmed on May 1. Local media say the man and woman walked into the local police station in Yungayo, a small town in Peru. They had with them a dead 10-month-old baby who they claim got sick and died on their way to the hospital, so they brought the child to the station instead to ask for directions to the morgue.
The police reportedly escorted them to the morgue, only to hear later of a video trending online of a woman brutally beating a baby. The woman was also seen holding a knife in the video but it wasn't clear if she stabbed the child with it.
After watching the video, the officers became suspicious and invited the parents in for questioning. They are being held on suspicion of murder and child abuse for their heinous crime.
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