Teenager who raped, tortured, and murdered Alesha MacPhail, 6, wins right to appeal against life sentence

Aaron Campbell, 17, who raped, tortured and murdered 6-year-old Alesha MacPhail after kidnapping her from her bed at home, has won the right to appeal against the life sentence handed down to him.

Campbell was sentenced to life imprisonment and ordered to spend a minimum of 27 years behind bars. But he was recently granted leave to appeal against the life sentence handed down at High Court.
Alesha MacPhail

Alesha's mother, Georgina Lochrane, 24, has been left angered after it was revealed Aaron Campbell will be able to challenge his 27-year sentence for abducting, raping, and murdering little Alesha.

After the Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service announced the twisted killer could appeal his sentence, Georgina Lochrane took to Facebook to slam the decision. She called Campbell a "rat" as she demanded for justice for her daughter.
Alesha's mother

She said: "Still livid. Little f*****g runt how much more pain and hurt does this thing have to cause."

She added: "Wtf is up with our system even allowing that the time of fucking day!! Am pretty sure they'll have read its social enquiry reports and how it's still getting this far is f*****g beyond me!!

"For the first time in 7 years the system was actually doing right by Alesha! Didn't last that did it. Give the rat nothing less and let me at it this time cause I will be ensuring there's no one sitting in f*****g front of me!!!

"He shouldn't even be breathing the same air!! Never mind be allowed to go through this croc a f*****g s**t! Anyway bring it on cause he won't be the one smirking this time.

"I actually thought for a second they were making up for all the failings they've caused Alesha over the years but clearly I thought wrong, still failing her.

"Now if it was one of theirs I guarantee you it wouldn't have 27 years and it wouldn't even be allowed to sniff the word appeal, never mind be accepted for it. Disgusting and wrong and they actually want to get a grip of themselves."

The heartbroken mum pleaded with her supporters to change their profile pictures to an image of Alesha as she vowed to fight for justice.

Sharing a picture of her adorable daughter, she said: "Today and until Alesha is heard I ask you put this back as your profile picture and share it."

Campbell kidnapped Alesha in the middle of the night from her bed at her grandparents' home in Rothesay on the Isle of Bute on July 2 last year. She had fallen asleep watching Peppa Pig and Campbell gained entrance and carried her out of the house.

He subjected the child to a prolonged and sickening attack, leaving her with 117 injuries before he raped and smothered her to death then dumped her body. Her naked remains were found two hours later in the grounds of the former Kyles Hydropathic Hotel.

Campbell's lawyer admitted the teenager was "entertained" by the idea of rape and "enjoyed" killing Alesha. He made it clear he was "quite satisfied by the murder."

A court spokesman today confirmed Campbell has been granted leave to appeal against the life sentence handed down at the High Court in Glasgow.

A hearing date is set for August 7 at the High Court in Edinburgh.
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