Charly Boy reacts to his daughter calling him out on social media

Charly Boy has reacted to being called out by his daughter, Dewy Oputa.

Dewy accused her father of gaslighting and using her for clout after he went online to say he's proud to have a lesbian daughter.

She claimed he says one thing online just to be "father of the year" but offline he doesn't care if she's alive or not.

Charly Boy, aka Area Fada, has now reacted.
In an Instagram post, he pointed out that being a parent is hard.

He wrote: "Any Fool can have a child and call themselves a Parent. A real Parent is someone who puts that child above their own selfish needs."
In another post, he addressed his daughter's criticisms and said it has opened his eyes and exposed him to the huge growing community of LGBTQ people in Nigeria.

He went on to advise parents who have LGBTQ children to be more understanding.

He wrote:

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